A small review.

The perfect CAD monitor?

I have used an Ultra-wide Samsung 49 "(QLED Curved Free-sync C49HG90) at my home office for a few months now, and i wanted to share some of my experience using such a monster of a screen.

I have (of course) used it a lot for CAD (Autodesk Inventor, AutoCad etc.) but have also tested it with a selection of newer games (Ex. Far Cry 5, Shadow of the Tomb Rider)

When I first opened the box after retrieving it from the post office, I started to wonder what in the world I've done now, because it's considerably much bigger than what I imagined, but when that is said, I have no regrets buying this whatsoever.
I experience significant improvement in my workflow, compared with previous set-ups with two, sometimes three screens next to each other.

Graphics and resolution are as expected by a screen in this class, and you can use the desktop space with a 32:9 ratio better than with multiple monitors, especially because there is no gap/split between the two screens.

The fact that you can run 2 cables from the same source allows you to have a 2-screen setup that corresponds to 2 27 "screens (16: 9) and you can adjust the size of the" screens "if you want a bit bigger on a" screen "and a little less on the other.

Should I mention something negative is that if I'm going to switch between multiple sources (Laptop, Mac Book Pro and Desktop), it's a bit of a knot that it's "turned off" and you have to enter settings to select source, choose one one
input that is not active then turn it off again and you will have to re-enter settings. (Not much bother, but if you're a bit busy, it can be a bit annoying.)

The supplied foot requires some space on your desk, could be beneficial to have a little depth on the desk. Another alternative could be to mount it on a sturdy monitor stand?

The price might set you off when you consider the fact that this is just 1 PC monitor, but you where to buy two 27 "screens with an OK quality, you would most likely end up in the same price range anyway. (But, of course, it helped that the price I got this for was almost half, because it had been demo used)

So, if you consider getting two new monitors for CAD, or for other purposes, it wont hurt (Other then your economy?) to check out ultra wide monitors.

There is a more detailed test on www.tek.no if you wish to read more about this particular screen.

(On a side note - I am not sponsored by anyone for writing this "review" 🙂 )

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