What’s more beneficial than reducing the amount of time it takes o manually perform repetitive tasks then by automating them? Or reducing human error that often occur during long sessions with repetitive tasks?

New focus?

By pre-defining the rules with iLogic scripts, that are based on the Engineering & Design documentation that your company follows, many time-consuming tasks become automated, and with the time you gain, your CAD operators can focus their energy on optimizing the designs, and perhaps new products?

Why do I need it?
Well, iLogic is a powerful tool, and it is easy enough for anyone to use when properly set up. So, if your team knows how to use Inventor, they can learn and start implementing iLogic in their workflow in no time.
Responsive & Integrated

iLogic comes fully integrated in Autodesk Inventor, you only need to make some small adjustments to your existing setup, and you are good to go. iLogic allows you to update scale, dimensions, materials, colors, metadata, BIM and much more. Check your models by rule driven commands, or let triggers run programming scripts to check for inconsistencies.

What tasks?
  • Automatically update 3D model, 2D Drawings & Bill of Materials based on user inputs.
  • Create CAD files for publishing (i.e. STEP, DWF, DWG, PDF, etc.)
  • 3D Configurators, using built in Inventor Forms & Global Forms
  • Design Prompts (i.e. reminder to check files into Vault)
  • Triggers
  • Message Boxes (Warnings, inputs, information etc.)
  • Inserting additional meta data in iproperties that can be used in documentation.
  • Add additional functionality to Inventor
  • Read & Write Excel documents
  • Communicate with, and/or launch compatible Windows applications
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